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January 1st, 1998

+ New Staffing Service Announced»
+ New Web Site for Artha International, LLC»

USA, January 15, 2009: Artha International, the leading provider in the technology market, today announced staffing services to their expanding business categories for delivering superior client service and managing client relationships for growing their business. Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
January 07, 2005: Artha International, a leading technology provider based in Ohio, has unveiled a new look for its website as part of its progressive approach to incorporate new functions and consolidate other features. The company has reviewed feedback from its clients and has moved forward to modernize with the times. ‘The revamp has been driven generally by industry change and we really wanted to make it easy for our clients as well who often come to us for web hosting news, commentary and articles,’ said a senior company official. ‘We established early that we needed to consult with outside expertize to improve the functionality, aesthetics, navigation and feel of the new website. So, we brought in designers and they gave us plenty of ideas to discuss which I believe really came through in the final product. As part of the redesign process, the site has been re-engineered to Web 2.0 standards; more user friendly text font was introduced; and has been better optimized for search engines such as Google and Yahoo! The site which targets audiences related to the web hosting industry has been in business since 1999. Management has plans to continue to grow stronger in the future and make changes as required to stay ahead of the competition.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
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